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We at Mumbai Eye Clinic facility convey progressed eye mind and represent considerable authority in eye a medical procedure in Mumbai. We have profoundly experienced group of specialist who focus on fast and best recuperation of our patients.

Be it careful or non-careful treatment alternatives; we offer the best of them at our office. Till now, we have helped many individuals to esteem their fantasies of sight. Find Here Best Eye Specialist In Chembur.

Eye Disorders and Diseases

There region a few eye illnesses that can cause genuine vision inconveniences. Some of them are:



It prompts the arrangement of the thick and shady region in one or the two eyes. As it grows gradually, this condition makes it hard for the individual to see plainly. Normal side effects an individual might insight because of waterfall are blurred and faint vision, affectability to glare, seeing coronas around the lights, twofold vision, and blurring of shadings. A Cataract procedure can help in relieving the condition. Medicines accessible are Phacomulsification. MICS, FLACS. Find Here Best Eye Specialist In Chembur.


It is a sickness that can harm the optic nerve and lead to super durable vision misfortune, whenever left untreated. By and large has no side effects other than steady loss of vision, it is hard to self-analyze it. Henceforth, it is significant that individuals should finish their eye test from an Mumbai Eye Clinic at whatever point they experience inconvenience in vision or Every 1 – 2 years after the age of 40. We can analyze Glaucoma with advance types of gear like OCT, Perimetery, Pachymetry. Treatment with prescriptions or advance a medical procedure.



Otherwise called pink eye, this sickness is brought about by a microorganisms or infection prompting irritation of the internal eyelid and the external film of the eyeball. Its indications incorporate redness, aggravation, tearing, and release in or around the eyes. At Mumbai Eye Clinic, we offer the best eye treatment for conjunctivitis while remembering the patient's current ailment. Find Here Best Eye Specialist In Chembur.



This eye-jumble emerges when the eyes are not adjusted a similar way. This can be caused because of a nerve injury or brokenness in the eye muscles. Medicines are accessible like lasers, and advance medical procedures at Mumbai eye care.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

It obscures the focal vision that is utilized to see definite things while perusing, driving and sewing. Throughout the time, the obscured region can become bigger prompting clear spots in the focal vision. As the name recommends, AMD happens in more established grown-ups. Conclusion with OCT, FFA accessible. Offices for intravitreal infusions are accessible.


Refractive error

Commonest eye issue influencing countless individuals. Vision remedy is feasible to treat with LASIK methodology and one can eliminate exhibitions.


Diabetic Retinopathy

It is because of diabetes, retina get harmed in this condition. Conclusion should be possible by FFA, OCT and laser medicines are accessible for this condition.


In the event that, their outcome shows the presence of an eye deformity, getting early treatment is the best advance to guarantee a sound vision.



We at Mumbai Eye Clinic, have cutting edge clinical consideration and foundation that assist us with dominating eye care and treatment to our patients. We offer LASIK (Wave Front and Standard LASIK), Glaucoma Diagnostic Surgery, Eye Ultrasound, Lasers, Squint Surgery, Cornea Diagnostic and Surgery, Retina and Vitreous Diagnostics, and plastic medical procedure of the eye, low vision helps, Pediatric Ophthalmology, and exhaustive eye assessment to our patients. Find Here Best Eye Specialist In Chembur.


We are Best eye specialist in chembur. we likewise direct Speciality OPDs for eye care to take care of the patients' preventive and essential medical care prerequisites.

Best Eye Specialist In Chembur

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